Getting Ready for Summer!

Over the last week I had noticed that a row of irises which I had planted last year was finally starting to blossom.

We also have a porch swing which was set up last fall but had to be taken down during the winter and was stored unassembled on our porch. Though the cushions are made of waterproof material, they were exposed to some pretty harsh elements during the winter months and required a serious cleaning before anybody could sit on them. Rather than resorting to the same toxic cleaning products (which almost make me suffocate), I decided to use my new “tough and tender” non-toxic biodegradable cleaner to clean the cushions. My husband had his doubts about how strong these non-toxic green products could possibly be but was thoroughly impressed with the job that this cleaner did. Check out the before and after below.

This is the “before” picture when I just started to clean.
This is the “after” picture taken the next day, after the cushion had time to dry. I think the difference is pretty impressive!

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Natural and Organic Snack Foods

In addition to a wide variety of household and beauty products, this company also offers several delicious snack foods made from natural and organic ingredients. One of my husband’s favorite snack foods is store bought popcorn, which is unfortunately known to be one of the most toxic snack foods out there due to the high amount of chemicals and preservatives. This is why when I saw that this company had it’s own organic popcorn, I had to order it and give it a try. This product is organic, made with natural butter, contains no artificial flavors or preservatives and judging from the disappearing bags in my pantry, my husband loves this just as much as the common store bought brands 🙂

As you can see from the packaging, this product contains all natural and organic ingredients, with no trans fat or cholesterol.

Another snack food which I have recently tried that I really like is their crave blocker bars. These come in two flavors, sweet and salty nut and chocolate peanut butter. I have tried the sweet and salty nut and really love them! Each bar contains 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber, designed to keep you fuller longer. Having tried these myself, these definitely keep you full for longer than expected and live up to the “crave blocker” name, which is definitely a bonus for those looking to lose weight! The fiber and protein in these bars are also a good thing for me since I am sometimes prone to episodes of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or blood sugar “crashes” at various points throughout the day. The fiber and protein in these bars definitely help to reduce those mid-morning blood sugar slumps as well as eliminate cravings for unnecessary carbs.

Similar to the popcorn above, this product contains no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.

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Natural Moisturizer and Clay Facial Mask

Having just reached my mid 30’s, I spent a lot of my teens and 20’s neglecting my skin. I would always do the bare minimum as far as skin care, such as washing and cleansing and maybe once every so often, exfoliate or use a facial mask. I was lucky having not been prone to acne and being frequently told I looked “young” for my age so I figured this “less is more” approach to my skin care was working quite well! Well, when I got a few years into my 30’s and noticed a couple of lines around my eyes, I figured that this may be a good time to start using moisturizer on a regular basis, especially during the winter and summer months when my skin is sometimes drier than normal due to either cold temperatures or extremely strong sun. I decided to try some of the facial and skin care products offered by this new company out of curiosity to see what the effects would be on my skin. I used the clay mask, which is said to “cleanse, smooth, tighten and exfoliate,” applied this to my face for about 10 minutes and then rinsed. I took a photo of my face afterwards to better observe the effects on my face after using the mask and moisturizer. I am not wearing makeup here so sorry if it’s scary. Lol.

I really like the way my skin appears here after using the cleansing mask. There are no blemishes, my skin looks very even, smooth and tight. I would say that this definitely lives up to the description on the tube. My skin is definitely cleansed, exfoliated, smooth and tight!

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Shampoo and Conditioner Made From Natural Ingredients

One of the first products I decided to try from this company was their shampoo and conditioner since mine had run out. These products contain natural ingredients such as coconut, avocado and seed oils. Some problems I have noticed with a few of the popular store bought brands is that they would often leave a slight film on my hair, making it appear greasy and altering the color slightly. Also, overtime, if I had my hair colored or highlighted the color would fade within the first couple of months and end up looking nothing like the original color. This would often result in my hair color looking much lighter and more yellow based than the original highlights, which was not an attractive look for me. I started using shampoo and conditioner from this new company I discovered and noticed immediately that my hair looked healthier. There was no film or residue left and my hair looked shiny and healthy. Also, after using these products for several weeks, the highlights in my hair are retaining their original color. This is an added bonus since I am currently pregnant and haven’t had my hair colored in months! These products also contain UV blockage and anti-breakage formulas.

This was a photograph that I took after using my new eco-friendly shampoo. My hair appears healthy with volume and shine (no residue) and highlights are enhanced without being stripped of color.

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