Pregnancy Update – 6 Months

For today’s post I decided I would take a break from posting about health and wellness products and update readers on the progress of my pregnancy. I am currently about six months pregnant and will be entering my third trimester this week. As of my last doctor’s appointment, the baby’s heartbeat was perfect and I was measuring perfectly for gestational age (although I do feel like a bit of a blimp with the recent weight gain). Oh and if I haven’t mentioned it, I’m having a boy. My husband and I are starting to get the nursery together and have just assembled a rocking chair and crib. If feels crazy that it is only three months away.

Let Me Introduce Myself…

This is my first blog post ever so I will give a background about myself and what has brought me to WordPress. I have a background in engineering and have worked in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. After dealing with toxic company cultures and temporary positions with no benefits, I found myself to be unemployed while expecting my first child. Since I knew that getting hired while visibly pregnant was a long shot, I decided to look for work from home options. I discovered an online company which manufactures over 400 health and wellness products. These products vary from laundry and cleaning products, to food and diet supplements to makeup and hair care. These products are non toxic and offer a healthier alternative to typical store bought brands which are loaded with toxic ingredients. I was very grateful for the opportunity to not only start a home business, but to eliminate a lot of toxic household products from my home as well. After becoming a preferred customer and trying a few of these products myself, I decided to start a blog to share the benefits of these products with others, as well as other health and wellness knowledge I have learned along the way.

This is a recent picture of me at 5 months pregnant.

If you are interested in any of the products mentioned on this site or are interested in a work from home business opportunity, please fill out a contact form and I will get in touch with you.