Getting Ready for Summer!

Over the last week I had noticed that a row of irises which I had planted last year was finally starting to blossom.

We also have a porch swing which was set up last fall but had to be taken down during the winter and was stored unassembled on our porch. Though the cushions are made of waterproof material, they were exposed to some pretty harsh elements during the winter months and required a serious cleaning before anybody could sit on them. Rather than resorting to the same toxic cleaning products (which almost make me suffocate), I decided to use my new “tough and tender” non-toxic biodegradable cleaner to clean the cushions. My husband had his doubts about how strong these non-toxic green products could possibly be but was thoroughly impressed with the job that this cleaner did. Check out the before and after below.

This is the “before” picture when I just started to clean.
This is the “after” picture taken the next day, after the cushion had time to dry. I think the difference is pretty impressive!

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