Natural Moisturizer and Clay Facial Mask

Having just reached my mid 30’s, I spent a lot of my teens and 20’s neglecting my skin. I would always do the bare minimum as far as skin care, such as washing and cleansing and maybe once every so often, exfoliate or use a facial mask. I was lucky having not been prone to acne and being frequently told I looked “young” for my age so I figured this “less is more” approach to my skin care was working quite well! Well, when I got a few years into my 30’s and noticed a couple of lines around my eyes, I figured that this may be a good time to start using moisturizer on a regular basis, especially during the winter and summer months when my skin is sometimes drier than normal due to either cold temperatures or extremely strong sun. I decided to try some of the facial and skin care products offered by this new company out of curiosity to see what the effects would be on my skin. I used the clay mask, which is said to “cleanse, smooth, tighten and exfoliate,” applied this to my face for about 10 minutes and then rinsed. I took a photo of my face afterwards to better observe the effects on my face after using the mask and moisturizer. I am not wearing makeup here so sorry if it’s scary. Lol.

I really like the way my skin appears here after using the cleansing mask. There are no blemishes, my skin looks very even, smooth and tight. I would say that this definitely lives up to the description on the tube. My skin is definitely cleansed, exfoliated, smooth and tight!

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